Architectural services


From designing a new house to inserting a Velux window Davidson Property Services can provide all the necessary input to guide you through the process. This includes the preparation of appropriate drawings for submission to the relevant authorites for building warrants or planning permission.

Design a new house or property
Alter an existing property
Build an extension
Registration of title
Title Deed plan
Commercial properties

Title plans


Quick and accurate title deed plans can be prepared. Registration of title is to computerise all land and property sales for future reference. This is currently being phased in across the country but is compulsory in some areas. To check whether it is compulsory in your area please check with your local council or ask Davidson Property Services to help you check. It is essential that this plan is very accurate because it shows the register what you is yours, this is the future land record when you come to sell. It is imperative therefore that a detailed site inspection and measurement survey be undertaken to compare with the Ordnance Survey maps. It has been found that the majority require adjustment or amendments to the title documents. Cutting corners at this stage may affect the future saleability and value of your property. If you have any doubts or questions then please call or email DPS for further information.

Architectural Drawings & Services

We will happily meet with you at your property, office or site to advise on the feasibility of any project. We can prepare plans from the initial sketch and concept right up to the final working drawings stages including all the relevant applications and approvals from the local authority. This includes completion of all forms and paperwork necessary to complete the application.

Clients often ask if it is better to sell or extend and we are happy to provide this service, often free of charge and can give indications of current market value and an idea of value if the project was to be completed. 50 years of experience in the property, architectural and estate agency markets means we know what we are talking about.

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Plans For Display Purposes

Have you ever thought about having your house on your wall? More and more clients are asking us to prepare a display copy of their plans and with our high tech CAD suite we can now offer this service to other customers as well. These plans offer a view of your home in colour and can be framed in sizes of up to A1.

Licensed Property Plans

Were you aware that as the tenant or owner of a licensed property you will have to, before the end of the “cross over period” September 2009 submit a full set of plans with your new license application?

This is all new and has been set up by the UK Government to ensure that licensed premises are suitable premises from which to sell alcoholic products. The new act applies to the following categories.

Bars/Public Houses (On License)
Nightclubs (On License)
Retail units which sell alcohol (Off License)
Post Offices which sell alcohol (Off License)
Any fixed premise which sells alcohol (on or off license)

Each Local Authority have set down guidelines which must be adhered to before a license will be allowed. As the Local Authorities have set their own guidelines then these differ slightly from area to area but they key points are as follows

7 sets of plan drawings (must be to scale)
Areas of fixed seating must be shown
Alcohol display area must be shown
Fire escapes must be shown
Fire equipment must be shown, this includes alarms, sounders, bells, break glass units

This is not a full list of requirements but is a list of the major points for the majority of local authorities.

This is not something that should be taken lightly, failure to act within the timescale WILL result in loss of license

Please contact Davidson Property Services urgently to arrange an onsite visit where we will be able to advise on how to proceed.

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